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  1. Patient Profile: For e.g :  Mr. Smith, a 45-year-old male, presented with complaints of tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding during routine examination.
  2. Medical History: Patient reports a history of diabetes and hypertension. He is currently taking prescribed medications, which may influence dental treatment considerations.
  3. Clinical Findings: Examination revealed the presence of dental caries in teeth #14 and #19, and moderate periodontal pockets in the lower left quadrant.
  4. Diagnostic X-rays: Intraoral radiographs showed periapical radiolucency associated with tooth #14 and generalized bone loss in the posterior region.
  5. Treatment Plan: Proposed treatment includes root canal therapy for tooth #14, extraction of tooth #19, and a comprehensive periodontal cleaning with oral hygiene instructions.
  6. Preoperative Instructions: Patient advised to fast for 8 hours before the scheduled root canal appointment and discontinue anticoagulant medication with physician consent.
  7. Informed Consent: Patient provided detailed information about the recommended procedures, risks, and alternative treatments, and signed the consent form.
  8. Postoperative Care: Patient instructed on proper post-treatment care, including prescribed medications and follow-up appointments.
  9. Progress Notes: After the root canal treatment, patient experienced mild postoperative discomfort, managed with prescribed analgesics.
  10. Follow-up Appointment: Scheduled a one-week follow-up to assess the healing process and discuss further treatment options for tooth replacement.
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